Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Back on track...

I've managed to get myself out of this non-creative hole that I've been in recently, thank goodness.
I'd received an order for some of my flower brooches recently which has helped to motivate me into action. Here are a selection of the 'almost' finished ones (I've still to sew the brooch pins on the back!).

 There may not have been a whole lot of action lately but I have had my thinking cap on. Maybe the hole I mentioned wasn't that big after all! Anyway...
 The leaves above are one of the results. I've added sequins & beads to one of them but I don't like it. Maybe a bit more thought required on these or maybe I'll just leave them and pop them on a card as a gift. Forgot to say that they are supposed to be brooches.
 Ah, ha! Yes these are definitely new. Just a sneak peek for now. They are little pictures approx 4 1/2" square and will be unframed. I still have to mount them onto board so I'll show them once I've done that.

Collaged pieces with lots of things that I love to work with. Free machine embroidery, frayed edges, fabric snips, lace and paper.
Drawing with the machine, it's just so much fun!
Basically there's a whole lot of scribbling and doodling on these pieces. Just the ticket!
Now that I've made a start I'm hoping to build up my stock and keep things more up to date. Sounds like a plan...let's hope that I can keep to it for once!
Be back soon! :o)

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