Thursday, 4 June 2015

Good News

Hi everyone, 
I realise that it is now June and my last post was April,nearly halfway through the year and that happened,how? 
The good news is that I'm trying to get all my social media up to date. Finally got my Pinterest boards linked onto this blog, use it here or from the sidebar. Next one to link is Facebook, I've not done the sidebar yet, I've been on the computer almost all day with one thing and another so it can wait for another day. You can use the link here.

These two photos are from the other day, playing with my wee Gelli Arts plate. Love it by the way, I could play with it all day! They are samples for a class, which I'm teaching this month. I think they will probably be chopped up but haven't really decided yet.

Fiddling with some ideas, possible landscape pieces. I'm hoping that I can come up with some work for the next Edge-textile artists scotland exhibition. It's on soon so will give the details later or you can check out their website. Aaaargh, that means I need to get working! Mind you there is no guarantee that my work will get in as it is a selected exhibition still, need to get my head in gear and get the work done.
Some other gelli print ideas for the above exhibition. The subject is Myths and Legends, watch this space for more information on some of the work I've done. I've done lots for this one including a road trip, go figure. 

Ok admissions from a naughty blogger, I forgot to tell you about a most important event, my small, only me exhibition! Does that make it a solo exhibition? Gasp! 
It was at Off The Rails Arthouse in Ladybank, Fife, a lovely place where lots of different arty things happen.I had a working area set up as well as an exhibition and hands on area. I didn't get much work done but I fair enjoyed meeting everyone, the chatting and drinking many cups of tea.
 I emailed around, put it on Facebook and general word of mouth and managed to get a pretty good turn out. Thank you to all who came. I promise to be more attentive to this blog and give updates in plenty time in the future. Sorry. x

Just a few weeks ago , out and about...a nice walk with a friend ending up... 
here with a pretty cheeky chappy. The here being Pillars of Hercules, Falkland in Fife.
Yummy scone and coffee if you're passing, plenty outside seating with local wildlife as above!
Ok so that's a few of the things I've been up to since April, now what? A few classes to report on, will do that later. One that I've gone to, a couple I'm going to and that's just up to the end of the month! I'll be back soon with an update on these classes and what's ahead of me. I may pop in sooner if I take a notion...
Bye for now.
Enjoy June.


  1. Your gelli plate samples are terrific, and the two cropped versions look intriguing. I like the fifth one (with the blue circle) very much too, it has a bit of mystery.

  2. Oops just saw this message, Thanks for the nice comments Sheila I'm glad you like them. x