Thursday, 6 August 2015


Pittenweem Arts Festival well and truly up and running!

I've had a bit of problem with uploading some of my photos but have it all sorted out now so here's some of the work that I have in Funky Scottish on the High Street, Pittenweem.

Some of my usual little heart brooches which I really enjoy making above, below is how I've packaged them this year. 

I've made these stitched fabric flowers for a number of years now, they always change a bit with each batch. This year I have changed the machining within the petal area and decided to mount some of them on tartan paper. I'm pretty happy with how they look and are perfect for sale in Funky Scottish!

These ones are new this year, I've started writing words on some of my pieces and thought it was a good idea to try and use that technique on cards. On these ones I've free machined the words onto the lace at the very end so if I get it wrong I've jiggered the heart. I usually write out the words several times on paper before I tackle machining them, that usually works. 

New brooches with some of my "word" machining, forgot to photograph them before I packaged them. Guilty as charged, I really don't have an excuse as I've been taking more and more pictures on my phone these days so it should be easy to record as I go along. Note to self take pictures all the time, at every stage! 

Yes you've guessed it, packaged!
 A couple of my wee bird brooches in the corner, I've not made them for a while so it was nice to revisit them again.

These are a couple of new ideas, more mixed media than normally. I have been doing a fair bit of mixed media work lately so you may see  more of this type of work here soon. 

These are more like my usual work that I make for selling, some landscape poppy pictures and an abstract plant one. 

That's all for now, Pittenweem Festival ends on Sunday so only a few more days to visit if you're in the area certainly worth a visit.
Bye for now.

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  1. You have been busy. I like the tartan backing on the flowers. Good Luck at Pittenweem